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Cookies Policy

Use of cookies and the activity file

This Cookies Policy is an integral part of the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy (hereinafter the Web). Accessing and browsing the Web or using its services implies acceptance of the terms and conditions included in the Legal Notice and in the Privacy Policy

ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones, E.P.E., M.P., with its registered offices in Madrid, Paseo de la Castellana, 278, with Tax Identification Number Q2891001F, informs its use of Cookies with different purposes in the Web, in such manner that allows the user to decide whether or not these are to be installed in the user’s device.

In the event the user continues browsing the Web, ICEX deduces the user’s acceptance of the installation of the Cookies and its granting of consent for their installation in the user’s device.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files sent and stored in the device used to access the Web (connected PC, mobile phone, tablet or television) that facilitates the use of the same.

The Web uses Cookies helpful for both improving quality by enabling the comparison, recall, control and understanding of how users browse the Web, identifying what they consider useful or not to, as a result, improve the browsing process.

Users may at any time configure their browser to be displayed a notice on-screen of the computer’s reception of Cookies. Likewise, users may consult the browser’s usage instructions to learn how to prevent the installation of Cookies in their computer.

Types of Cookies

Depending on the purpose for which data obtained through Cookies is processed, the Web may use:

-Technical Cookies: those which enable the user to browse through a website, platform or application and use the different options or services these offer. For example: control of data traffic and communication, identification of a session or access to restricted-access areas.

-Personalisation Cookies: those which enable the user to access the service with some general characteristics that are predefined depending on a series of criteria in the user’s terminal, like language, browser type.

-Analysis Cookies: those which enable monitoring and analysis of the user’s behaviour in the Webs with which they are associated. The data collected through these types of Cookies is used to measure the activity of the Webs, application or platform and to create the users’ browser profiles.

-Advertisement Cookies: those which enable the most efficient management possible of advertising spaces.

-Behavioural Advertising Cookies: these Cookies store data on users’ behaviour collected through the ongoing observation of browsing habits, which enables the creation of a specific profile for displaying advertisement according to the same.

-External Social Network Cookies: used so that visitors may interact with the content of different social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and which are generated exclusively for users of those social networks. The conditions for use of these Cookies and the data gathered by the same are established in the Privacy Policy of the corresponding social platform.

Depending on the managing body:

-Same-site Cookies: those sent to the user’s device from our own devices or domains and from which we render the services requested by the user.

-Third-party Cookies: those sent to the user’s device from a device or domain that is not under our own management, but rather by a collaborator. For example, those used by social networks or by external content.

Depending on their activation period:

-Session Cookies: these are temporary Cookies that remain in the user’s browser file until exiting a Web, wherefore these are not registered in the user’s hard drive. The data gathered by these Cookies is used to analyse Web traffic guidelines. In the long term, this allows us to provide an improved experience for improving content and facilitating its use.

-Persistent Cookies: these are stored in the hard drive and our Web reads them each time a user makes a new visit. A permanent web has a defined expiration date. The Cookie will no longer function after that date. In general, these Cookies are used to facilitate purchase and registration services.

Types of Cookies used in the Web

Own Cookies:

-Technical Cookies; Manage the correct browsing through the Web and its contents, enabling the identification of user sessions and protecting their use.

-Personalisation Cookies; Enable improving the user’s experience by storing personalised variables, like language or browsing-related preferences.

Third-party Cookies:

-Essential Cookies

-Google Tag Manager: This is a script code that generates an iframe container that, when placed just after the opening of a Web’s body, replaces most of the tracking tags of campaigns and tools, which previously required individual installation; for example, to track the correct measurement of SEM campaigns or to install web analytics tools and, soon, for A/B testing.

Technical Cookies

-Google Analytics; A Web Analytics service provided by Google, Inc., a company in Delaware with its headquarters at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States (“Google”). The data generated by the Cookie on the user’s use of the Web (including IP address) will be directly transmitted and filed by Google in its servers in the United States. Google will use this information on behalf of ICEX, for the purpose of tracking the user’s use of the Web, compiling activity reports and providing other related services, depending on the user’s Internet activity and use. Google will not associate the user’s IP address with any other data it has available.

-Webtrekk Analytics: Offers filters and analysis-related functions and provides raw data to optimise marketing campaigns and improve online presence.


-Complete analysis capabilities, designed for managing large raw data volumes.

-Retroactive calculations at any time for target groups and segments, even for new queries.

-Visual analysis of flows of clicks and process maps.

-Overlay and heatmap to visualise the visitor’s behaviour.

-Advertising Cookies:

-DoubleClick: A Google platform or service. Some functions included in DoubleClick: design of creativities, real-time bidding of spaces (RTB), measurement and creation of personalised audiences, advertisement campaign management in search networks and display, ad server, analysis of results, etc. DoubleClick is an advertising Cookie in websites that are not owned by Google, called „IDE”, stored in browsers in the domain. Another one is stored in and is called ANID. Google also uses other Cookies called DSID, FLC, AID, TAID and exchange_uid. These Cookies may also be used in other Google assets to display more relevant ads.

AddThis: A tool that enables introducing webs into social networks and monitoring their progress.

-Social Network Cookies

-Twitter button: This is a small button displayed in a website that helps visitors easily share its contents in Twitter. A Tweet Button is comprised of two parts: a link to the Tweet composer in Twitter.comand Twitter for JavaScript websites to improve the link with an easily recognisable Tweet button.

How are Cookies disabled?

Users have the option to allow, block or delete Cookies installed in their devices configuring the browser options installed in these. Disabling Cookies may impede the functionality of some of the available services. In the event a user opts to not allow the installation of Cookies in a browser, it is possible that the user may be unable to access some services and therefore will have a less satisfactory experience with our web.

A user may choose at any time which of this web’s Cookies will be enabled by configuring the browser. The following links provide information for configuring and disabling Cookies in each browser:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer


Safari for IOS (iPhone and iPad)

Chrome for Android


ICEX never stores its users’ personal data, with the exception of their IP address as described above, unless a user wishes to voluntarily complete his or her registration for the purpose of signing up for any of the services offered or for receiving information on activities and contents of interest.

When browsing and continuing to browse in our web, a user grants consent for the use of the aforementioned Cookies in the conditions presented in this Cookies Policy.

User Rights

The ICEX DPO (Data Protection Officer) is in charge, within ICEX, of compliance with this Cookies Policy. Users may contact the DOP by sending a letter or email, attaching a copy of their National Identity Card (DNI) or equivalent documentation for identification purposes, to the following address:

Paseo de la Castellana, 278

28046 | Madrid

List / Identification of Cookies used

Below are displayed the Cookies we use, informing of the site or provider which generates these.

Cookie name Provider Duration Description
_ga Google Analytics 2 years Used to differentiate users.
_gid Google Analytics 24 hours Used to differentiate users.
_gat Google Analytics 1 minute Used to limit the percentage of requests. If Google Analytics has been implemented using Google Tag Manager, this Cookie will be called _dc_gtm_<property-id>.
AMP_TOKEN Google Analytics 30 seconds-1 year Includes a token that may be used to recover a client’s ID of the AMP Client ID service. Other possible values indicate the „disabled” option, requests underway or errors obtained when recovering an ID from the AMP Client ID service.
_gac_<property-id> Google Analytics 90 days Includes campaign-related information associated with the user. If you have associated your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts, the website conversion tags will read this Cookie, unless a user disables it.
__utma Google Analytics 2 years as of the configuration or update Used to differentiate users and sessions. This Cookie is created when the JavaScript library is run and there is no __utma Cookie. This Cookie is updated each time data is sent to Google Analytics.
__utmt Google Analytics 10 minutes Used to limit the percentage of requests.
__utmb Google Analytics 30 minutes as of the configuration or update Used to define new sessions or visits. This Cookie is created when the JavaScript library is run and there is no __utmb Cookie. This Cookie is updated each time data is sent to Google Analytics.
__utmc Google Analytics End of the browser session Not used in ga.js. It is configured to interact with urchin.js. Before, this Cookie operated together with the __utmb Cookie to define whether the user was in a new session or visit.
__utmz Google Analytics 6 months as of the configuration or update Stores the source of the traffic or campaign explaining how the user arrived to the site. This Cookie is created when the JavaScript library is run and is updated each time data is sent to Google Analytics.
__utmv Google Analytics 2 years as of the configuration or update Used to store data on the visitor’s personalised variables. This Cookie is created when a programmer uses the _setCustomVar method with a personalised variable of the visitor. It was also used with the no longer functioning _setVar method. This Cookie is updated each time data is sent to Google Analytics.
Webtrekk Pixel Webtrekk
wt3_eid Webtrekk 6 months Cookie ID / End device Visitor ID
wt3_sid Webtrekk End of Session Session ID / Not available in front-end
wt_feid Webtrekk End of Session Fingerprint Ever ID / End device Visitor ID; available through raw data
wt_rla Webtrekk 60 days Request limit / Not available in front-end: modifiable from Tag Integration
Opt out / Opt in
webtrekkOptIn Webtrekk 12 months User track / Not available in front-end
webtrekkOptOut Webtrekk 6 months No track of User / Not available in front-end
Global Device Visitor ID Webtrekk
wt_geid Webtrekk 6 months Global User ID / Not available in front-end; available through raw data
MAC Master
wt_nv Webtrekk 6 months Recognition of new or returning visitor / New vs returning
wt_nv_s Webtrekk End of Session Recognition of new or returning visitor / New vs returning
Load Balancer
wt_nbg_Q3 Webtrekk 5 minutes Technical Cookie for balancing request loads / Not available in front-end
wt_mcp_sid Webtrekk 30 minutes Technical Cookie for improving the experience and personalisation of the user’s session / Not available in front-end
AvisoCookiesICEX ICEX 365 días Almacene la selección del usuario para mostrar, o no, información informativa sobre la política de cookies.
JSESSIONID_ICEX ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
JSESSIONID_HABITAT ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
JSESSIONID_MODA ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
JSESSIONID_FOODS ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
JSESSIONID_AUDIOVISUAL ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
JSESSIONID_EMARKET ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
AvisoICEX ICEX 24 horas Para almacenar datos para mostrar diferentes mensajes dentro de Oficina Virtual.
JSESSIONID_CSV ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
JSESSIONID_EMPLEO ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
JSESSIONID_FACTURACION ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
JSESSIONID_JUSTIFICACION ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
JSESSIONID_OFICINA ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
JSESSIONID_PLANES ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
JSESSIONID_RECLAMACIONES ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
JSESSIONID_SUGERENCIASDENUNCIAS ICEX Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
BrowserID Fuerza 30 días Control de usuario único
Inst Fuerza Sesión Control de sesión de usuario
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